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Tagged by Lordfell
If you are featured in this journal, you have to submit a journal like this one and do the same thing, putting me in the first spot. The idea here is not to get a free feature, but to spread art around for everyone.

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Hello folks!

I hadn't had internet connection for a while so I wanted to thank for all birthday wishes. Thanks folks, you're great!
why the hell journals are visible in main gallery?
what did you done deviantart
this is the worst update I've ever seen.
A year passed since I decided to join DeviantArt again and created this account. I want to thank you guys for every comment, visit and fav, but at the first place I want to thank these 1,905 people who decided to watch me. Thank you guys so much! It means a lot to me ♥
ToS | Price List

● Kodiju - creature - paid
Sketch [portrait/bust] - $20
Sketchy portrait/bust with flat gray color.

Portrait sketches 01 by norapotwora

Digital Painting [badge type] - $90-140
Fully rendered digital painting portrait with colored background.

  Killian by norapotworaSeylwelyn by norapotwora

Digital painting [portrait/bust]
- $100-190
Fully rendered digital painting portrait/bust with flat background.

Gilnean by norapotwora

Digital Painting [waist up] - $150-250
Fully rendered digital painting waist-up with flat partial background. Shot from the waist, arms included.
(important: example isn't fully rendered!)

Pensiveness by norapotwora

Digital Painting [fullbody] - $200-350
Fully rendered digital painting fullbody with colored background.
Sometimes character can be cropped in some parts to make a better composition/more interesting look.

Pihko Misit by norapotwora  Creature concept01 by norapotwora

Scene [fullbody] - starts at $400+
Fully rendered character with background. Depending on scene it can be full illustrated background or just pieces of background (like in example).
Price starts at $400 and will be increase based on character and background complexity and it's negotiable. Multiple characters are welcome.

How dare you by norapotwora Double Hunt by norapotwora
1. General
1. By commissioning me you accept these term of service
2. I have the right to refuse a commission
3. I have the right to cancel a commission.

2. Drawing content
1. I will draw: any animals, fantasy characters or creatures, anthro characters, humans, fan-arts, robots
2. I won't draw: architecture, adult art

1. Payments are made throught PayPal or bank transfer
2. Prices are not negotiable unless otherwise stated
3. In case of commissions up to 100USD I take payment when the artwork is completed. Above 100USUD I'm asking for half upfront and half upon payment.

4. Refunds
1. Clinet get full refund if:
-They cancel the commission before I started working
-I cancel the commission for personal reason

2. Cliend get partial refund if:
-they cancel the commission after I've started working

No refunds after receiving the artwork.

5. Work method & revisions
Usually I prefer to have free hand and artisic freedom when I'm working on commissions. If you give me them I'll do few concept sketches for myself, pick one I think is the best and show it to you. If you accept it I'll start to work.

If you prefer to pick composition by yourself I'll give you three concept sketches and you'll pick one on which I will be working.

6. Turn-arount time & deadlines

1. Time depends on order and how busy I am, however I keep the maximum time up to 2 months. If I exceeds this time you will get an adequate return on the money and I'll finish rest of artwork for free.
2. You can ask me of the progress whenever you want
3. You may set a deadline for your commission for an addidional fee. This will be discussed in private.

7. Image rights
1. I retain full rights to my artwork. It means the right to use and publish as well as selling prints of the artwork
2. Clients have the right to repost low resolution versions as long as they give me a credit or my signature is visible. They also have the right to make prints of their commission for their private use.
3. Full or half rights may be bought for additional fee and these cases will be private discussed.
I exceeded 1000 watches tonight. Thanks guys! ♥

I’m open for one slot of digital painting pust/portrait commission.

Price is $85, payment when the artwork will be completed.
Any species, any gender, feral, anthro or human.
First come, first serve!
Will be done within 72 hours

Status: taken, thanks!
Hi guys.

I've been offline here for a pretty long time, but I already started holidays so I can slowly come back to life. Sorry for my absence folks, this was a bit difficult time for me.
But now be prepared for some new artworks!

Hi folks.

I just wanted to let you know that I update my works most regularly on facebook, so if you want to be more fluent you can check out and maybe also like my facebook page. I'm planning to do a small art raffle in the near future (I mean in four month, maybe faster) so you'll have a chance to win artwork from me!
Hi watchers!

I just wanted to let you know that things which I added and will add in near few days are my old artworks. Tt will be mostly artworks done during the 2015 year -  not all, just few. So be patient, please! I'm a bit overwhelmed by responsibilities now but I'll try to keep some life in this gallery. I hope that you guys will help me with this~

I'm a 23 years old artist from Poland and I'm glad to welcome you in my Deviantart page.

I hope that you'll like my art and we'll go together through this adventure.